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Veteran and family-owned since 1991

We are very aware that we are not the only game in town and we view competition as a constant reminder of how we must strive to be better than the rest.   We encourage our customers to let us know how we are doing! 

Originally founded in 1991 as Northwest Heavy Equipment Repair (NWHER) by Dale Glen, (Master Field Mechanic) and his wife Linda Glen, (Office Manager),  NWHER in those days focused mainly on the repair of Caterpillar brand equipment.  In 1992, the company purchased an F600 Service Truck which increased Dale's capabilities by enabling him to better handle all of the larger scale work often seen at gravel and cement quarries, logging sites, as well as the port of Bellingham.  The business flourished and in an effort to diversify and to continue to promote growth of the business, the company entered the heavy equipment rental industry in 1995, while maintaining their established market share within the heavy equipment repair industry.   Over the next 20 years the company continued to buy, sell, rent, and repair heavy equipment with success..  In 1999, Dale and Linda broke ground and built a shop and office building that is the location of the existing facility today (4348 Pacific Highway, Bellingham, WA 98226).   In 2016,  Dale and Linda brought their son Michael Glen on board.  Michael grew up working for NWHER and left for a number of years to work as an engineer and program manager in the aerospace industry, a career that drew him out of Whatcom County.  Happy to be back home, Michael will be a great asset to ensuring the continued success of Northwest Heavy Equipment. 

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We've been in the business long enough to establish fantastic relationships with local contractors who provide valuable insight on what equipment works and what doesn't.  We let this information guide our rental fleet purchases


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NW Heavy Equipment has been in business for 25 years with a combined heavy equipment experience level of 89 years amongst its staff, most of which are lifetime residents of  Bellingham.  We know heavy equipment!     .   


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We put in long days to ensure we are available when you call and that you have equipment when you need it.  

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We want to provide the equipment you need, when you need it.


When your project requires heavy equipment, we want our industry experience to provide you with the right equipment for the job at a time when you need it.  Let us know when and we do everything we can to make it happen for you!